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For over 130 years, Beiersdorf has dedicated ourselves to meeting our consumers’ individual needs and is considered to be the inventor of modern skin care.

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Beiersdorf Vietnam compensation and benefits

1. Strong CARE benefit program:

Living CARE as one of the four biggest corporate values in the organization and to each of our employees is our strong commitment. Living CARE does not mean that we only focus for the development and success of our Employees together with the growth and success of the Company, but also CARE for every milestones and big events of our Employees’ life and families. More than that, it is the way we show our CARE to the society through our CSR projects all over Vietnam as our “Pay It forward” commitment to the community.

2. Dynamic, friendly & fun environment:

Many company offer you a place to work, but only a few make you feel at home. In Beiersdorf family, ""Colleague"" is re-defined as friends, brothers and sisters who always there to care for your success and career.

Working at Beiersdorf Vietnam means ready to face with challenges and overcome the constant changes of the FMCG market to protect our leading position. However, with a positive, friendly, FUN, and creative working environment, we always know how to turn challenges into new and exciting adventures. It is here where we find joy when working together in projects, find joy when contributing together to the growth of the organization, when playing hard together in our Team building activities and celebrations.

3. Fair recognition & good learning support:

Our Dedicated Employees and Our Culture Are Our most Important Assets.  ""Sustained success can only be achieved when one has the opportunity to fully apply one's strengths. This is true for individuals, teams and companies. Our unique Beiersdorf culture is the best foundation: It encourages everyone to give their best every day“. Dr. Zhengrong Liu– Executive Board, Human Resources.

At Beiersdorf Vietnam, we are willing to share and entrust our mission to young and talented Vietnamese people who courage to face challenge, full of passion, aspiration, and ability to take the lead. We consider the success and development of each individual talents within the organization is as important as the success and growth of the Company. Therefore, providing challenges, creating opportunities, sharing feedbacks, and investing in talent development are Beiersdorf’s commitment to our young talents.


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